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June 21, 2024

June 22, 2024

David Finch

About David Finch

For almost 30 years David Finch has inspired fans with his raw and gritty art aesthetic. His comic credentials include creator-owned successes Ascension and Aphrodite IX and main stream hits like Ultimate X-men, New Avengers, Moon Knight and Ultimatum. In addition to comics, Dave has done work for film, video games and the music industry. Moving to DC Comics in 2010, Dave used his powerful and emotional artwork to tackle Gotham’s grittiest hero in Batman: Dark Knight. His work with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America and Forever Evil brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the DC universe of villains. November of 2014 saw another chapter begin in his career when he began working on one of comics’ most iconic characters: Wonder Woman. Finch then turned his eye for detail back to the caped crusader in the pages of Batman with comic writer Tom King. When the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns hit, David started a Youtube channel to inspire and connect with his fans. The channel was a huge hit and currently boasts more than 400,000 subscribers. These days you can find his work on the covers of the Walking Dead and various Marvel and DC titles.

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