Celebrity Fan Fest

San Antonio’s premier comic con, is excited to welcome

Walter Koenig

Celebrity Fan Fest guest Walter Koenig dressed in grey coat and brown hat

Walter was educated at Grinnell College, Iowa the UCLA graduating with a degree in psychology. During high school he acted in ‘Peer Gynt’ and The Devil’s Disciple’ and during the Summer holidays from college he performed in Summer Stock in Vermont. After graduating he enrolled in New York’s Neighborhood playhouse for a while before returning to the West coast where his first job was as Irving da Dope in ‘Day In Court’. While appearing in ‘The Lieutenant’ he met Gene Roddenberry which together with playing a Russian defector in an episode of ‘Mr Novak’ led to him being cast as Ensign Chekov in the 2nd tv series of ‘Star Trek’. Away from acting he’s written scripts for ‘The Powers Of Matthew Star’, ‘Family’, ‘The Incredible Hulk, and the animated ‘Star Trek’ series

Walter also has written for the television series The Powers of Matthew Star (1982), What Really Happened to the Class of ’65? (1977), Family (1976), Land of the Lost (1974), and the animated Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973) series. This actor-writer has seen publication with the non-fiction “Chekov’s Enterprise” and the satiric fantasy novel “Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot”. He also created the three issues of the comic book story “Raver” published by Malibu Comics. Koenig has taught classes in acting and directing privately at UCLA, The Sherwood Oaks Experimental Film College and at the California School of Professional Psychology. Most recently, he has been an instructor at the Actor’s Alley Repertory Company in Los Angeles, California.