Cosplay Information

Celebrity Fan Fest Welcomes Cosplayers!

All costumes must conform to the following:

  • All attendees and those wearing a costume must agree to be checked by security and have their costume inspected.
  • All costumes must comply with local laws.
  • Celebrity Fan Fest is a family friendly event. Cosplay items that are deemed as vulgar including nudity and body paint/sheer material in lieu of clothing is not permitted.
  • No bare feet.
  • No sharp protrusions or spikes.
  • Please keep your costume from extending more than six inches (6”) from your body in any direction. There can be exceptions if the item is collapsible or retractable (i.e. a tail).
  • No firearms, knives or real swords are permitted.
  • Realistic looking replica firearms are not allowed, including those marked with an orange tip.
  • Any firearm props must look harmless to the average viewer (essentially, they should not look realistic or threatening).
  • No projectiles should be used on hotel property.
  • No laser pointers or high-intensity lights that can hurt the eyes.