Blues Brother Concert - 40th Anniversary Tour

Friday, August 5TH

Freeman Coliseum

Concert: 8:15PM • Doors: 6:30PM

You won’t want to miss this high-energy, authentic, rhythm-and-blues show band with a South Memphis accent and an East Texas kick. Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) returns as “the legacy” and joins Brother Zee (Jim Belushi) as “the blood,” singing and dancing their way through all the greatest Blues Brothers hits: “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Messin’ with the Kid,” and, of course, “Soul Man,” all backed by the internationally renowned Sacred Hearts band.

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VIP FloorSeats Balcony Level Balcony Level Box Seats Box Seats Stage B o x S e a t s B a l c o n y L e v e l




Floor Seats

Blue VIP
*Includes Photo Op

$499 / 2 Tkts.


$149 ea.


$129 ea.


$119 ea.

Box Seats


$119 ea.


$99 ea.


$89 ea.

Balcony Level


$99 ea.


$89 ea.


$69 ea.

*Blue VIP tickets include one professional photo op with Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi after the concert. See ticket page for details.

Tickets for the Blue Brothers concert are sold by section and not individual seat. All seating within each section is on a first-come, first-seated basis. Please come early to get the best seats.

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No, admission to The Blues Brothers concert is separate from the Super Hero Car Show & Comic Con.  You need to purchase admission tickets to both.

Tickets for the Blue Brothers concert are sold by section and not individual seat. All seating within each section is on a first come, first seated basis. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the parking gates open at 5:00 pm. Please come early to get the best seating within your section.

The Blue VIP ticket comes with admission for two (2) people to the concert with seating the in the Blue VIP section plus one 8X10 professional photo op which is taken after the concert (approximately 10 pm).

The Blue VIP ticket is the only admission ticket that comes with one 8X10 professional photo op which is taken after the concert (approximately 10 pm). When viewing your ticket online, you will note there is a separate QR code that is scanned for admission to the photo op area in Expo Hall 1. Concert staff will guide you to the correct location.

Only the 2 Blue VIP ticket holders can be in the photo op. This is a very special limited opportunity and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Admission tickets are final sale and non-transferable. There are no exchanges or refunds for any reason. If the Concert is cancelled, ticket holders will receive a full refund.

Yes, please follow the instructions below to transfer your pass to another person:

  • Go into your GrowTix confirmation email to access your order.
  • Look for your name on the order confirmation and click the blue edit button.
  • Enter the name of the person who you are transferring the ticket to and hit “Update Name”.
  • Next, click the blue “Product Options” button to select how to send the ticket to your friend. It’s a good idea to do both of the following to be sure your friend has ability to use the ticket safely.
    • Print and physically give the QR code voucher to them to bring to the event.
    • Send a text message with the QR code to their phone number.

Passes will be emailed to you within an hour of purchase so please be sure to enter the correct email address. This email will be your proof of purchase that you present at the Event to get your wristband and/or badge. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder. We will scan your QR code and issue a wristband and/or badge for entry.

You can follow PMX Events social media handles (linked below) and event site for updates.

Plenty of parking is available at the Freeman Coliseum for $10/vehicle. Parking attendants take credit cards. Parking lots will open one hour prior to doors open, unless otherwise noted. Main gates open at 5:00pm. Please see the map below for details.

To ensure all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, the Freeman Coliseum management will NOT tolerate the following actions from any guest:

  • Harassment of any kind toward fellow guests and staff will not be tolerated.
  • Wristbands and other credentials are NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-EXCHANGEABLE, and NON-REPLACEABLE. Do NOT stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way or you will not be allowed entry. Subsequent and/or multiple presentations (passing) of counterfeited wristband are VOID and will be seized by Venue Staff.
  • Misuse of tickets, wristbands, and other credentials will be seized by staff and will not be replaced. Those misusing tickets, wristbands, and/or other credentials are subject to ejection without a refund.
  • The resale of Blues Brothers Concert admission tickets is strictly prohibited on the property, which includes the facility’s grounds and surrounding parking areas.
  • Soliciting or vending is not permitted in the Freeman Coliseum unless previously authorized by management.
  • Smoking, including Vapes and E-Cigs, is not permitted in the Freeman Coliseum. Designated smoking areas are located outside of the Coliseum. Please see venue staff for directions.
  • Guests who show signs of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.
  • Guests are permitted to stand and dance in front of their seat. Standing ON seats is not allowed.
    Standing or dancing in the aisles is not permitted. (Places of Assembly in the State of Texas, Article 25, Section 25.107)
  • Guests (including children) are not allowed to sit or stand on the shoulders of another guest.
  • No throwing objects of any kind.
  • Guests may not bring a drone to the event.
  • No real or toy guns, or other weapons are allowed in the Freeman Coliseum. This includes attendees with a concealed carry permit.
  • Upon entering the venue, all patrons will be subject to the same security screening process which includes walk-through metal detectors, hand wands, and, in some cases, pat downs. In addition, all bags, purses, and personal items are subject to inspection. Please prepare accordingly—remove hats, jackets, and sunglasses and empty pockets of cell phones, keys, wallets, and other items prior to entering the metal detectors.
  • Ticket-holders should be aware that there are no provisions for returning banned items left at the venue entrances. We encourage you to leave all banned items at home or in your vehicle before entering the venue. Individuals who deliberately attempt to bring banned items through security checkpoints are subject to removal from the facility without a refund.

  • A wide variety of food options will be available for purchase within the Freeman Coliseum.
  • Please be aware our vendors will ID for all alcoholic beverage purchases. If you plan to have a drink or two, please bring an acceptable form of ID with you. IDs accepted include: U.S. Driver License, U.S. Territory’s Driver License, U.S. State-Issued ID Card, Passport, Passport Card, or U.S. Military ID.
  • Alcohol sales will cease 30 minutes prior to the projected end time of the event. No beverage regardless of type will be allowed to exit the venue at the end of the show.

Yes. ATM’s are located in the Freeman Coliseum.

Smoking and vaping will only be allowed in authorized designated area outside of the Freeman Coliseum. No smoking is allowed within the Freeman Coliseum.

Yes. For more information, please visit the Freeman Coliseum ADA page. ADA seats are in the Box Seats level of the Freeman Coliseum.

No, tickets are only available for purchase on the Blue Brothers Concert Site.

You are NOT assigned a seat. All admission is on a first-come, first-seated basis.

You can email us at if you cannot find the answer you’re looking for in this FAQ.

No outside food or beverages will be permitted within the Freeman Coliseum.

  • The following items WILL NOT be permitted within the gates of the venue. In addition to items specifically listed here, other items that may be deemed to present a potential hindrance or threat may also be prohibited.
  • Weapons of any kind including but not limited to guns, knives, explosives, brass knuckles, Tasers, mace, or pepper spray.
  • Note: while it is legal, with a permit, to open carry or carry a concealed handgun in Texas, we do not allow guns in our facility.
  • Animals; except for certified service animals as dictated by the U.S. Department of Justice guidelines
  • Outside Alcohol
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Illegal and illicit substances or drug paraphernalia
  • E-liquid or Vape Juice
  • Audio and video recording equipment, including iPads, Go-Pros and drones
  • Cameras with detachable lens – cameras must be able to fit in front shirt pocket (Note: Camera policies are dictated by the artist and are subject to change on a show-by-show basis)
  • Selfie sticks or tri-pods
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Backpacks
  • Strollers
  • Distribution of unauthorized promotional or commercial material

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